Plastic Waste Recycling Machine-Horizontal Mixer


To store and mix the material.

  • Set it in front of the pelletizier. Make material supply stability.
  • Can customize for customer, adding the cooling function or heat function.
  • Customized size is acceptable.

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Model Capacity Power Actual weight of mixed Machine Material
Black steel-Stainless Steel
H-M400 400L 5HP 300kg SS41 SUS304 Optional
H-M1000 1000L 10HP 500kg
H-M2000 2000L 20HP 1000kg
H-M3000 3000L 25HP 1500kg
H-M5000 5000L 30HP 2000kg
H-M15000 15000L 50HP~75HP 5000kg
H-M35000 35000L 75HP~125HP 10000kg

*The product line can be made to spec meeting customer needs.
*Equipment specifications are also constanly updated. You are welcomed to contact us for details.