High Speed, Perforated, Bag On Roll Making Machine

HYM HPR-20E,26E,34E

Suited to converting various types of LDPE and HDPE into bottom sealed bags on a roll, with perforations for convenient use.


- All UL electrical components.
- Complete UL approval

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Part Number HYM HPR-20E HYM HPR-26E HYM HPR-34E
Max Bag Width 16.6” (420mm) X1 Line 11” (280mm) X2 Line
20.5" (520mm) X1 Line
15” (380mm) X2 Line
31.5" (800mm) X1 Line
Max Bag Length 23.7” (600mm) 23.7” (600mm) 47.3” (1200mm)
Film Thickness 0.008 ~ 0.15mm 0.008 ~ 0.15mm 0.008 ~ 0.15mm
Production Speed 40 ~ 120 cycle /min / Line 40 ~ 120 cycle /min / Line 40 ~ 120 cycle /min / Line
Driving Motor (AC) 1HP 1HP 2HP
Heater Requirement 1000W 1000W 2000W
Electrical Requirement 2250W 2250W 4000W
Machine Dimensions
(L X W X H)
2300mm X 1220mm X 1600mm 3200mm X 1350mm X 1600mm 3500mm X 1680mm X 2100mm
Packing Dimensions
(L X W X H)
2420mm X 1450mm X 1600mm 2150mm X 1550mm X 1660mm 2580mm X 1750mm X 1850mm
Gross Weight 560kgs 620kgs 780kgs