High Efficient Double Deck Sealing System Bags Making Machine With Auto Puncher


  • For making Industrial packaging, fresh produce bags, garbage bags, T-shirt bags and different types of flat bags.
  • Available for PP and various types of PE.
  • Full PLC control with touch screen operating system.
  • High precision, high torque servo drive system.
  • High efficiency, low maintenance required.
  • Both in-line and off-line conversion lines available.
  • Options:
    - All UL electrical components.
    - Complete UL approval

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Part Number HYM HDBS-28AU
Max Bag Width 700mm (27.6") X1 Line, 340mm (13.4") X2 Line
Max Bag Length
(± 1mm)
T-Shirt bag: 700mm
Bottom Sealing Bag: 1000mm
Film Thickness 0.008 ~ 0.15mm
Production Speed 40 ~ 120 cycle /min / Line
Driving Motor (AC) 1HP
Heater Requirement 4400W
Electrical Requirement 5500W
Machine Dimensions
(L X W X H)
5360mm X 1500mm X 1720mm
Packing Dimensions 2810mm X 1540mm X 2120mm, 2970mm X 1303mm X 1697mm
Gross Weight 820/950kgs, 300/500kgs
Air Volume Pressure 7kg/cm2, 30 L/min
  • Industrial Packaging
  • Garbage Bags, etc.
  • Fresh Produce Bags"