Fully Automatic, Servo Driver, Two lines, T-Shirt Bag Making Machine With Gusseting Unit



- All UL electrical components.
- Complete UL approval

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Part Number HTS-34GT HTS-42GT
Min. Bag Length 350mm 350mm
Max. Bag Length 700mm 700mm
Min. Bag Width 180mm 180mm
Max. Bag Width 350mm 450mm
Max. Film Width 580mm 650mm
Sealing Thickness 0.008~0.035mm 0.008~0.035mm
Production Speed 300 cycle/min./line 300 cycle/min./line
Capacity 140 meters/min 140 meters/min
Electrical Requirement 16KW 16KW
Pneumatic requirement 7kgs/cm2,500L/min 9kgs/cm2,750L/min
Machine Dimensions
(L X W X H)
6500X1600X2070mm 8200X2100X2070mm