Integrated Solutions is an overseas manufacturer of machine parts for US companies.

Heavy Duty Servo Bag Machine
Servo Bag Machine
Dual Turret Winder
Double Vee Folder
Folder and Separator(304 goes here, 301 goes into Separators)
High Speed Punch and Eye
Wave Cutter
Full Size Separator
Folder and Separator
Coreless Winder
Dual Turret Winder (James, rename from Double to Dual)
Single Turret Winder
Spindle Winder
Surface Winder (added new folder)
G26_ManVid.107.UserGuideIng (Latest)
G29_PVisY03Man.001.Gamaint (Water-based ink)
Jih Ching operation info
JIH CHING machine comparison
JIH CHING machine comparison
JIH CHING product range
Estimate your required power level / KW
Corona Specification Form